Family Sponsorship
Immigration to Canada based on Family Sponsorship

Family Class Sponsorship is another great opportunity to become a Permanent Resident of Canada and reunite with your closest family. Canada is known for honoring family values, and through this Program demonstrates the commitment to reuniting families from all over the world and keeping them together. Through Canada’s family sponsorship policy, permanent residents and Canadian citizens over the age of 18 are able to sponsor specific family members so they may obtain their permanent Canadian residency. Canada immigration policies state that you be will able to live, attend school and become employed in Canada prior to obtaining your permanent residency. Please note, sponsors are financially responsible for their relative when they arrive to Canada.

Who is the program for?

There are certain requirements for the candidates involved in this process.

To be a Sponsor:

For example, the length of the undertaking – the time you are held financially responsible for the sponsored person(s) – is set as follows:

For Spouse/Common-Law Partner:

  3 years

For Parents/Grandparents:

20 years

For Dependent Children:   

  Under 13 years of age – 10 years


  from 13 till 22 years of age – 10 years


Over 22 years of age – 3 years

There is also a requirement for the sponsor to reside in Canada permanently. A Canadian Citizen must show that he intends to reside in Canada when the sponsored person(s) receives permanent residence, if the sponsor lives outside of Canada. As to the Permanent Residents of Canada living abroad, they cannot sponsor anyone at all.

Separate individual requirements may be applied to candidates, depending on the Sponsorship Program.

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